Buttered popcorn doesn’t exist here. In the store you can buy with or without salt, and at the movies you can choose salty or sweet.

No. Butter. Anywhere. 😦



Water faucets here don’t seem to have regulators for the hot water. I’ve burned my hands and body more than once.

Also, public bathrooms always seem to have only cold water. And 90% of girls I come across either don’t wash their hands or only rinse them quickly. (pet peeve…don’t get me sick during finals.)

And Dutch people (students) fill up their water bottles from bathroom sinks. I’ve never tasted the water. I’m sure it’s fine. But from a public bathroom is a bit much for me.


I’ve had one week of classes since winter break, and I’m already insanely busy with thesis research. So this blog is about to “transform” into my initial vision for it: 1-2 random sentences per post when I recognize something about the Dutch way of life that is different than the U.S. (I may go back and upload pictures sometime.)

“Stick” deodorant is not available here. It’s all liquid roll-on or aerosol spray.